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Hannah Harrison

Hannah Harrison

About Hannah Harrison

Hannah is a Research and Contracts Associate with Predictive Success Corporation. She graduated from The University of British Columbia and has a strong interest in psychometrics.

5 Things Employees are Looking for in a Position

A recent Gallup survey revealed that 51% of American employees are actively seeking a different job or are looking for viable job opportunities. This is due, primarily, to lack of employee engagement. The survey identified five key attributes that employees consider when contemplating leaving their current position and taking a job at a new organization.

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Using People Analytics to Build a High Performance Team

WiderFunnel, client of Predictive Success Corporation, has put the Predictive IndexTM to work; leveraging the tool to build a high performance marketing team.WiderFunnel has identified that people are essential to business success and growth.  Because of this they have implemented a system in which they define a candiate as an 'A-player' a 'B-player' or a 'C-player';

Having Safety Challenges? Analytics Can Help

Safety is a major concern facing the transportation industry because it can result in lost time, damaged equipment, levied fines, and in some cases, bodily injury.  The effect on the company is, of course, higher costs, lost revenue and a damaging reputation.  Trevor Bent, VP of HR and Safety at Eassons Transport Limited, brought Predictive

Hamilton College: Demonstrating the Importance of People Analytics in Sport

The sporting world has increasingly adopted the use of behavioural assessments to achieve higher levels of performance. Backed by academic research, behavioural assessments are tools that are demonstrably beneficial for both players and coaches, used as both coaching and development tools (Gee et al. 2010). The Hamilton College hockey experience demonstrates the importance of the

Giving is Good For You

“The most treasured and sacred moments of our lives are those filled with the spirit of love.  The greater the measure of our love, the greater is our joy.  In the end, the development of such love is the true measure of success in life” – Joseph B. Wirthlin When you give not only

What Makes a Thriving Company Culture?

A 5% decline in unemployment in the last quarter of 2016 means that being able to attract, retain and engage talent is increasingly imperative.  Having an attractive and thriving company culture can give you a boost in all of these areas.  In fact, a study by Deloitte University Press concluded that having a thriving company

Find Your Great Leaders and Improve Your Productivity Using People Analytics

Employee engagement is said to be correlated with productivity, retention, client satisfaction and profit.  Thus, poor employee-satisfaction ratings equal bad news for a company and positive ratings indicate good times ahead.  Out of this idea, employee satisfaction surveys were born. Employee satisfaction surveys were meant to identify what changes needed to be made to

Revamping Your Recruiting Strategy

Revamp Your Recriutment Strategy In a recent article, Lou Adler, author of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired: Performance-based Hiring Series, addresses the issue of managers who fail to recruit and the reasons why they are failing.  Within his article, Lou describes two strategies for