managing remote workers

What drives your remote workers?

With the sudden shift to virtual teams dominating the workforce, managers are faced with unprecedented challenges. Learn how a data-driven approach can provide the insights to tackle them.

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PI Software tools

Predictive Index® software tools can demystify your power as a leader, the needs of the individuals you manage, and the dynamics of your collective team.

We can help you:

  • Earn trust faster with employees not physically present

  • Understand what motivates your workers to complete projects successfully and efficiently

  • Create a sense of team consensus and synchronicity during the decision making process

  • Communicate effectively with remote employees by gaining a complete understanding of their unique communication style

  • Conduct productive meetings with clear action and outcomes by learning what management style your teams need

“What I’m looking for are people that act with a high sense of urgency and precision, so having a strong culture of trust is important. You need to have team members that can champion your vision. You need the right people, the time, and tools like The Predictive Index® delivered by Predictive Success that help you figure out how to build a successful team.”

Peter Sweers, Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Interac

Discover solutions:

employee behavioural assessments

Understand individual characteristics with behavioural assessments:

  • Uncover natural behavioural characteristics of team members
  • Make strategic decisions about how to assign workflows
  • Identify preferred modes/styles of communication
  • Gain insight on how to support, coach, and motivate the team
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Build trust by establishing a shared sense of purpose:

  • To achieve goals, team members must align around strategy, communicate effectively, and collaborate openly
  • This means managers must build successful working relationships among team members and understand how productivity can be increased as the team works to meet collective goals
  • Managers of remote teams need to pay special attention to communicating how decision will be made, how and when team members should be in contact, and how goals will be measured
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