Maximize the Influencing
Power of Your Team

What is the Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™ (ISAT)

The Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™ (ISAT) provides concrete data on influence as a universally required business skill.  It is ideal for leaders and teams who need to influence others to adopt ideas and gain acceptance on projects and solutions.

Why The Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™?

The assessment measures 25 aspects of influence in five key areas

  1. Build trust and credibility
  2. Understanding the situation and specific needs
  3. Presenting ideas and articulating their value
  4. Handling objections and gaining agreement
  5. Creating long-term relationships with effective positioning
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Get Everyone Pulling in the Same Direction

With the ISAT™, organizations can quantify and improve the skill set of their leaders and teams to successfully foster a more harmonious, productive working environment where everyone is contributing to achieve a common goal.

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