Predictive Index® Training

Our Approach

Predictive Success Academy offers an advanced modular approach to training. Our instructor-led combination of face-to-face and virtual based training allows The Predictive Index System to be deeply integrated into the roots of any organization.

“The PI Workshop was outstanding. Best training we’ve ever received. The days were well spaced out, the content was informative and enlightening and it was easy to digest. The Training was WAY better than any DISC training or Workshop.”

– Mercedes Benz North America

Drive Results with Talent

Solve business challenges and gain hands-on experience with The Predictive Index tools. Three 4 hour sessions.

Inspire People to Perform

Learn how to use analytics to build and manage teams, ensuring that they use each other’s strengths to accomplish common goals and succeed in all team projects. 1-Day Workshop

Hire The Right Talent

Create attractive job descriptions to attract quality candidates and learn how to select the candidate that fits best with your organization. 1-Day Workshop

Create Awareness w/ People Data

Help managers increase engagement and reduce turnover by understanding employee drives, motivators and how this affects their work. 1/2 Day Workshop

High Performance Teams

Discover your Team Type and Design for Strategic Action to build the team of your dreams. Each 1/2 Day Workshops

Predictive Index Training programs are not subscription-based and are provided on a one-off basis.  Training can be purchased by our clients on an individual basis unless otherwise provided in your client agreement.  If you are interested in learning more about a specific program, please reach out to your consultant, or contact us.

Predictive Success Corporation offers open training sessions across Canada for clients with a Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment software subscription. If you are interested in hosting a private session for your team please contact us at

Our team of expert facilitators come from a diverse background.  With over 100 years of combined Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to every training session.

Yes! The courses are valid for up to 15 HRPA PDCs and 13.75 SHRM PDCs.

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