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“In hiring, algorithms beat instinct.” – Harvard Business Review

“Through proper use, pre-hire assessments will greatly increase hiring effectiveness as they improve the firm’s ability to make precise, objective and accurate hiring decisions about an applicant’s compatibility with the competencies for a specific position.” – Service Canada, February 2023

“If I was hiring at a company, The Predictive Index ® as delivered by Founding Partner Predictive Success would be crucial information. In five minutes, it was done.” Richard Blackwell, The Globe & Mail

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Design dream teams


Keep your people engaged

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As Canada’s fastest-growing predictive analytics company for hiring great employees, some examples of our 1000+ clients below:

 Predictive Success® stands with Ukraine.

 Predictive Success® stands with Ukraine.

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Learn what predicts success – get the right people into the right roles and keep them there

North America’s top companies use Predictive Index® to select the best hires. Again, and again.

  • PI Behavioural Assessment
  • PI Cognitive Assessment
  • PI Job Assessment
  • Interview Guide
  • Match Score
  • Personal Development Chart
  • Placard

  • PI Professional Series Workshops


Unlock the potential of your people and unleash big results

What would you do if your employees gave you 110% effort? Reimagine a world where you have access to people data, giving you valuable insights to motivate individuals and teams.

  • Personal Development Chart
  • Relationship Guide
  • Management Strategy Guide
  • Manager Development Chart
  • Coaching Guide
  • Group Analytic


Design Dream Teams

Boost team performance with a greater understanding of team strengths and caution areas. Create connected, aligned and resilient teams ready to handle anything.

  • Team Discovery Report
  • Team Member Plotting
  • Team Analysis
  • Team Alignment to Strategy
  • Detailed, interactive behavioral insights for every team member
  • Team type – discover any team’s collective strengths and blind spots
  • Customized action plan to improve team cohesion

  • Strategy Type – uncover any team’s strategic risks and gaps
  • Customized action plan to help any team hit its goals


Keep a pulse on your people and build the best employee experience

It is more important than ever before to get engagement right. Using data-driven insights, build an intentional culture that inspires individual and teams to perform.

  • The PI Employee Experience Survey
  • Employee Experience Coaching
  • Take Action with Engagement Workshop*
  • LEAP Platform

Supercharge your knowledge of PI by joining our virtual classroom.

We heard you. You wanted more flexibility, convenience and access to PI Training. Your leaders and managers asked for an integrated experience they can plug into from the convenience of their own home office. We’ve been delivering virtual training for almost 10 years – from our experience and what we’ve heard, there is greater retention and on-to-job application coming out of our virtual environment. Our dynamic facilitators and technology offered by ZOOM enable meaningful group discussions, breakout experiences, knowledge checks and self-reflection.

I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid HARD! This tool will revolutionize the workplace wherever I go.
–Will Wayne, Sunwing Travel Group

Thousands of leaders use Predictive Success, a leader in Talent Optimization, to create teams that win and execute on strategy.

“If I was hiring at a company The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ from Elite Certified Partner, Predictive Success, would be crucial information, in 5 minutes it was done.”

Richard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail

“ Thank you again for speaking to my class and sharing your expertise! Students gained valuable insight into how organizations use assessments in employee selection and team formation. They really enjoyed the talk and, following the presentation, many students expressed how much they learned from you and how much they appreciated you taking the time to speak to the class. Students also welcomed the opportunity to complete a personal assessment… and several told me that they were impressed with the accuracy of the results! Thank you for supporting student learning! ”

Dr. Igor Kotlyar, Associate Professor, Ontario Tech University

“I believe this can definitely improve hiring decisions and development discussions if we were to implement as a standard for hiring. I do think this will help with the population we are currently planning to use this for.”

Amanda Arnold, Carrier Corporation

“PI is a tool that provides opportunities and can support any problem within an organization. Having our team understand and utilize it made us more efficient and successful in uncertain times.”

Rosalynn Alessi, Alcool New Brunswick Liquor & Cannabis

“Using the Predictive Index Job Assessment™ we can decide internally what the profile of an ideal candidate is before we actually start the interview process.  We can include that with our extended business partner hiring agencies so that they know exactly what to look for as well.”

John Lobraico, COO, Chudleigh's

“The Predictive Index System®, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, has allowed us to virtually eliminate mis-hires by better understanding the needs for each job by creating benchmarks and matching candidates, internal or external, with the profile.”

Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO, DOXIM

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