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Reorganize priorities according to new business conditions.

Surviving an Economic Downturn

Introducing The PI Resilience Series

Workshops for Business Leaders in Times of Crisis

Leading in Crisis

Leading in Crisis addresses two of the most critical parts of a business during a downturn: strategy and workforce. Re-aligning business priorities, workforce, or both is an acute reality for many and the stakes are high. Through this virtual workshop, you’ll learn a framework for building your way back to stability and gain access to objective data so you can confidently address critical business decisions fast.

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Team Building Through Times of Change

This workshop tackles issues for critical teams in an adapting organization. In 2020, your teams face unprecedented challenges in a changing market landscape. Success depends on team performance and your ability to do more with less, navigate complex emotions and lead with confidence in total uncertainty.

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“If I was hiring at a company The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ from Elite Certified Partner, Predictive Success, would be crucial information, in 5 minutes it was done.

– Richard Blackwell, Globe and Mail

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We heard you. You wanted more flexibility, convenience and access to PI Training. Your leaders and managers asked for an integrated experience they can plug into from the convenience of their own home office. We’ve been delivering virtual training for almost 10 years – from our experience and what we’ve heard, there is greater retention and on-to-job application coming out of our virtual environment. Our dynamic facilitators and technology offered by ZOOM enable meaningful group discussions, breakout experiences, knowledge checks and self-reflection.

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Predictive Success, a leader in Talent Optimization, helps Canadian companies design and execute their talent strategies.

“The Predictive Index System®, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, has allowed us to virtually eliminate mis-hires by better understanding the needs for each job by creating benchmarks and matching candidates, internal or external, with the profile.

– Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO, DOXIM

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“Using the Predictive Index Job Assessment™ we can decide internally what the profile of an ideal candidate is before we actually start the interview process.  We can include that with our extended business partner hiring agencies so that they know exactly what to look for as well.”

–John Lobraico, COO, Chudleigh’s

Talent Optimization

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