Succession Planning

How do you maintain the elite workforce you have now, for years to come?

It’s no secret that tomorrow’s organizational success is dependent on putting the right leaders in the right roles at the right time. Yet, studies show that most companies don’t have a formalized succession plan in place – lack of planning can be detrimental to a business. Boards and leaders of organizations know the value in effective planning but the question commonly arises … where do we start?

Client Feedback

“Since working with Founding Partner Predictive Success, we are seeing much greater openness to talk about talent and we are discussing succession planning and development in a non-threatening, analytical way. People are able to express their views and use the data to support their reasoning.”

—Steve Kanellakos, City Manager, City of Ottawa

“After training 60 leaders across the company, Seaspan leaders saw a 28% increase in their ability to identify new team members and build their division.”

—Senior Executive, Seaspan

Visualize the DNA of your future.

Predictive Success’ organizational charts provide you will a birds eye view of the working style of everyone in your company, so everyone in the company can transparently see how they can best interact with each other. As well, C-Suite managers can identify and predict top performers in the years to come, ensuring the company hires and inspires individuals who will lead the company to continue elite level performance in the years to come.

About this session:

  • Session Length: 120 Minutes
  • Session Format: In-person or virtual
  • Ideal Group Size: Up to 6-10 team members

This workshop is ideal for organizations looking to:

  • Create or modify a formal succession planning process

  • Improve how leaders are identified, assessed and selected

  • Uncover high potentials and develop the next generation leadership pipeline

  • Manage the transition from one leader to another

  • Create targeted leadership development programs and plans

Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline that details what’s needed to align business strategy with talent strategy for optimal business results.

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