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Reignite your leaders with a data-driven approach to leadership coaching

With over 25 years of coaching experience and 60 years of science, our certified coaches bring people analytics to the coaching equation.

How we can help?

Executive Leadership Coaching

Our coaches work with executive leaders around the globe, helping leaders reignite their motivations, define the legacies they want to create, and chart out the magnetic cultures they want to establish.

Leadership Transition Coaching

As leaders transition in and out of leadership roles, it is critical to take a conscious approach in bridging capability gaps. Our coaches support transitioning leaders by helping them understand their key behaviours and designing action plans to accelerate evolution.

High Potential Program

Leaders exist at every level of the organization – deepening the leadership bench is no easy feat. Our coaches help organizations uncover high potentials and empower them with the tools they need to succeed as tomorrow’s leaders.

Change Leadership Coaching

Change adoption is only as good as the change leader. Our coaches help change leaders sell a change story, listen intently to objections, design targeted change interventions, and reward people the way they need to be rewarded, driving greater adoption.

On behalf of the Phase I team, I wanted to thank you for all the time and efforts you provided us to help us know ourselves and each other better. We are already applying what we learned from the coaching sessions! I think as doctors we are very used to learning about science and facts, and we don’t learn too much about how to become better people. These hours have been great to open our eyes to a whole new dimension”

—Medical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Hospital

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