About Us

Located in Whitby, Ontario, Predictive Success Corporation™ is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index®, a privately held international management consulting company with headquarters in Massachusetts, USA.

Predictive Success empowers leaders with the data and skills to maximize their investments in their people. Through a comprehensive solution of proven talent management methodologies, knowledge sharing programs, and an integrated technology platform, we enable individuals and organizations to optimize their performance. Our team of management consultants will solve your people challenges and teach your leaders to dramatically improve their hiring process and their management through people mandate.

We assist your leaders to become self-aware and build trust deposits with their staff each day. A “second paycheck” to increase productivity at no extra cost is a frequent benefit from our work here at Predictive Success.

Trusted Advisors to leading companies across the nation since 2006.

Our differentiated approach allows businesses to identify and engage the behaviours and motivations that lead to sustained improvement. Having trained over 4,000 leaders, we are trusted advisors within Canada’s top companies. We align people with business strategies to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Predicting Success is a practical guide to finding the perfect member for your team. By applying the principles and tools of human analytics to the workplace, you’ll avoid bad culture fits, mismatched skillsets, entitled workers, and other hiring missteps that drain the team of productivity and morale. This book provides guidance toward implementing tools like the Predictive Index®, behaviour analytics, hiring assessments, and other practical resources to build your best team and achieve the best outcomes. Written by a human analytics specialist, Predictive Success President David Lahey, who applies these principles daily, this book is the manager’s guide to aligning people with business strategy to find the exact person your team is missing.