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Take the mystery out of sales performance by selling from the customer’s perspective.

Sell more, sell faster and build trust through our proven methodology.

“The Customer-Focused Selling™ Workshop, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, has demonstrated the value of incorporating social styles into the sale process.”
Zsolt Nevery, COO, First Canadian Title
“This CFS™ Workshop, delivered by Predictive Success, has effectively illustrated how to utilize the social styles to prevent missed opportunities due to not presenting with the appropriate behavioural style in mind.”
Ryan Campbell, Business Development Manager, First Canadian Title
“Customer-Focused Selling™, by Certified Partner Predictive Success, will be most helpful to me by getting a better idea of my customers and prospects social styles.”
Chris Jodoin, Sales Rep, Snelling
What is Scientific Selling?

Scientific Selling is helping customers to think differently about how to address issues they are facing or how to capitalize on opportunities they haven’t considered. The sales process itself becomes a point of value. This will not happen by simply telling the sales team that they need to go sell more, sell better, or sell differently. It starts with making the sales process a central ingredient in the go-to-market strategy. Then the role of sales becomes integral in the execution of that strategy. Our Scientific Selling Method helps your team get there.

Increase Sales Volume

Make Selling Time More Efficient and Productive

Increase Repeat and Referral Business

Improve Sales Management Process Efficiency

Why Scientific Selling?

The easy to administer online survey assesses five critical skills essential for a customer-focused and consultative approach to selling:

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Identify client needs
  • Present product/services and articulate their value
  • Handle objections and gain agreement for the sale
  • Create customers for life with effective positioning

“It is all about having the right people and making the right decisions. I use The Predictive Index System®, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, to help make those decisions. Today I look at who the successful people are – not just the leaders that I have in my organization, but also architects and directors of consulting services – and I have them complete The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™. I create a Job Pattern based on the patterns of those top performers and I hire towards that. I have been using The Predictive Index System® from Predictive Success for over 8 years and through two organizations, I intend to continue using it. I would definitely bring the tool with me to other organizations.”

—Peter Sweers, SVP GTA Banking and Global Wealth, CGI

Improve Your Sales Team’s Skills With Targeted Training

Scientific Selling skills training provide a solid understanding of where your sales team stands and where they need to go. Once areas of improvement are identified, targeted training can be used to improve skills and abilities with these courses offered by Predictive Success™:

  • Customer Focused Selling™
  • Coaching for Sales Growth™
  • Coaching to Excellence™

Our virtual format flows the same as a regular class, with attendees in a web based learning theatre with interactive questions, a real life instructor and all from the comfort of their home or office. Certificates awarded upon completion.

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