Protect your culture – and your bottom line

Especially for small start-ups, every hire can impact your culture and filter down into the productivity of your employees and as a result, your bottom line. Your culture is built on relationships – from understanding the preferences of your investors to building a strong leadership team that jives from the ground up.

Attracting top talent has never been easier with customized job descriptions and interview guides. Go beyond gut feel with science using people analytics.

“PI reinforces the deep belief in the value of our people. It provides a common language that we use to better understand both individual and team dynamics and gain a deeper insight into our employees.”

—Chris Ferg, Co-Founder, The Durham Distillery

Hiring for Rapid Growth

Predict Success through Strategic Hiring

Whether you’re the founder talking to an angel investor, managing a team of 8 making something from nothing, or a rapid growth company with 50 staff, team quality is the single best predictor of success. If you can get great people then everything else is a breeze.

Hyper Focus on Talent Hacks

Today’s start-ups have cracked the code on building great products and services, then turning them into successful business models. Methodologies like LEAN, agile product development and growth hacking are everywhere. While these new methodologies inspire conversation and innovation in their respective fields, hiring practices have remained in the dark ages. You are forward thinking in every other area of the business – what about your talent?

From 5 to 50 and Beyond

Your first five hires pretty much picked themselves but in getting from 5 to 50 you will need the best tools and analytics. It’s about more than ping pong tables, unlimited snacks, and scooters in the office. With people data, you can master the employee lifecycle, whether you’re building a distributed team or you’ve got an office.

Future-proof your teams and brand

What gives productive, high achieving teams a competitive edge? Collaboration. In our constantly changing, technology driven world, ensuring there is healthy collaboration within teams is critical to building a strong culture and delivering results. The key to getting there is people-smart and results driven data, bolstered by greater self-awareness.

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