What is The Predictive Index®

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What is The Predictive Index®?

The Predictive Index® provides a suite of assessment tools that help you understand the workplace behaviours and cognitive agility of your candidates and employees.  The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ assesses behavioural needs and drives, while the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment assesses capacity to adapt, learn and respond to complex tasks.

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What is The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™?

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ is broken down into four primary behavioural factors, or core drives.  These core drives and their relation to each other create a behavioural pattern that provides a simple framework for understanding the workplace behaviours of candidates and employees.

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The Results

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How Does The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ Work?

  • Scientifically validated
  • Free-choice
  • Stimulus response
  • Built to the standards of the:
    • American Psychological Association (APA)
    • Society for Industrial and Orgnaizational Psychologists (SIOP)
    • International Test Commission
The Science & History

Pair with The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™ to increase your chances of predicting on-the-job performance!

Assessment Suite

What Is Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™?

  • It assesses spatial, verbal and numerical ability
  • It takes 12 minutes to complete
  • It is scientifically valid and reliable
  • Can be used across all jobs, organizational levels and industries
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Predictive Success is a Certified Partner of The PI Behavioural Assessment™ and The PI Cognitive Assessment™
The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of Predictive Index LLC and is used here with permission