Safe Behaviour Analytics

Create a ‘Safety First’ Culture

Safety is a major concern in many industries around the world. Using behavioural assessments can help companies mitigate risk by identifying behaviours that are directly correlated with workplace injuries and accidents.

Client Feedback

“The workshop was excellent and the materials will be very beneficial going forward. Looking
forward to utilizing the new hire and see how my current employees fit with their assessment to
the job.”

—Angela Romann, Fabick CAT

“With so much at stake, you should be using The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment to provide objective data to get at the root cause of your safety challenges.”

—Trevor Bent, VP HR and Safety, Eassons Transport


Workplace accidents are increasing in North America.

The obvious costs of workplace accidents are just the tip of the iceberg…

For every $1 of direct accident costs,

There are $3 of indirect accident costs.

Sources: WCF Insurance; Ontario Health & Safety


Identify risky behaviour

By using behavioural assessments, companies are able to identify candidates who are more inclined to make riskier decisions and act unsafely on the job. These types of behaviours are directly correlated with workplace injuries and accidents.

By identifying the individuals who are most likely to make risky decisions, the “safety first” culture can begin to form.

About this session:

  • Session Length: 1/2 Day or Full Day
  • Session Format: In-person or virtual
  • Ideal Group Size: Up to 12 team members

This workshop is ideal for organizations looking to:

  • Gain the tools and perspectives needed to develop a risk-averse workplace culture

  • Identify individuals who are hardwired to exhibit risky behaviours

  • Help supervisors better understand themselves and their direct reports’ behaviours

  • Provide front-line supervisors with the tools to coach employees on safe behaviours

  • Create a targeted action plan that can be implemented immediately with your teams

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