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Every leader knows the importance of talent in today’s economy. With so much uncertainty, organizations are having to adapt quickly and do more with less. Future-focused organizations are spending more time transforming their workplaces, investing in different skills and capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. It may be time to reimagine your organizational strategy and operating model – after all, your future depends on it.

Predictive Success consultants can help you design and implement talent strategies to propel your organization forward. Our consultants come from big four consulting and industry to bring you a cutting edge approach and innovative tools.

How we can help?

Operating Model / Organization Design

Our organization design practitioners help you uncover the structure you need to stay ahead of the curve. Our approach is anchored on strategic imperatives and people analytics, connecting the dots between the work to be done and the people doing the work.

Talent Management

Our talent consultants have lived and breathed talent strategies for decades. We have partnered with organizations to design optimal candidate and employee experiences, all anchored on the individual.

Succession Planning

In our three-pronged approach, we help clients align on the strategic imperatives and critical requirements for key roles. We leverage people analytics, including behavioural and cognitive data, to help you uncover your top candidates and design a development plan.

Change Leadership

Change is deeply personal and future-focused organizations recognize the value that people analytics bring in driving change adoption. Our change consultants can support your change initiatives by aligning the change strategy to leaders, teams and individuals.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Our experienced team of consultants can customize programming based on your organizations unique needs for any of the following business requirements, powered by Talent Optimization:

  • Leadership Development

  • Employment Lifecycle Design

  • Teamwork Sessions

  • Hiring & Onboarding

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Action Planning

  • Sales Alignment

  • Culture Work

  • M&A

  • EOS Support

  • DEIB Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

  • HR Functions / Systems

  • Performance & Productivity

“The consultants at Predictive Success Corporation have an innovative approach to solutions and are easily able to pivot when needed.”

—Executive, North American Insurance Firm

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