Predictive Index Workshop Cancellation or Change Policy

  • 20+ days in advance of seminar – NO CHARGE provided. Must contact us in writing by email to our Administrator, or toll free at 1 (855) 430-9788
  • Less than 15 days – 100% of the workshop fee is due but an (in house credit) will be kept on file for the company to use at a later date in the same calendar year.
  • 1-7 days in advance the fees are due in full. Like other providers of adult training, fees are due at the time of registration. If a participant is unable to attend he/she may send a replacement in their place to the workshop registered or ask for an in house credit to be used within 3 months of the cancellation. There will be a $100 administration fee to process this transfer request.
  • Payment for Workshop Registration must be paid prior to attending the workshop.

Refresher Fee

  • Our implemented policy requires a $75 attendance fee to assist in covering the expenses associated with food and accommodation for PI Analysts who wish to attend a refresher course in person. Contact ( to register and make arrangements for payment.

The Predictive Index System® Cancellation Policy:

We have a low cost software and included yearly maintenance program which is an automatic or continuous renewal. We offer this process to contain costs for all our clients and to safeguard your PI Software Subscription as well as Support and Fixed Term Licenses against unintentional lapses. Your PI data has proven essential to many leaders in people planning meetings, manager evaluation and coaching and cost reduction discussions.

The Predictive Index System® Annual Service Fees:

  • Annual Predictive Index Service Fee licenses are subscription based contracts that a representative from each company signs to set up, establish and secure access to The Predictive Index Software. Predictive Success maintains client portal sites based on 12 month contracts. For this reason, we require at least 30 day termination in writing to be removed from our program. If no notice is given the contract will be in place for another 12 months.

Automatic Renewal

  • Like most software firms, we have a low cost software and a yearly maintenance program, an automatic or continuous renewal. We offer this process to contain costs for all our clients and to safeguard your PI software subscription and support and fixed term licenses against unintentional lapses.
  • If no action is taken upon receiving the renewal notice (sent to all clients 30 days prior to the contract end each year) and subsequent email reminders, your software subscription and support will automatically renew on the anniversary date. You will then be invoiced according to your current rate for the software subscription and support services, which is part of your signed contract with us.
  • This is normal industry practice for software sales. It has proven the most cost effective method to manage the process for clients. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, and have the same renewal period.

Here is how it works:

  • If you do nothing when you receive your renewal notice, your software subscription and support will renew automatically at the anniversary date and you will be invoiced based on your current rate for software subscription and support.