Build Your Leadership Pipeline

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What is the Leadership Performance Index® (LPI)

The Leadership Performance Index® (LPI) is an online feedback system that combines a self-evaluation with perspectives from direct managers and direct reports to evaluate performance as a leader. The individual that undertakes the survey is provided with a personal report that can easily be translated into actions

Predictive Success Corporation is an Operating Partner for Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI), which offers Leadership Transition Programs®. The Leadership Transition Programs report on significant challenges faced by leaders when they transition to a new leadership level.

With Stephen Drotter as Chairman, the author of The Leadership Pipeline book, Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) has put into operation the entire Leadership Pipeline concept.

Why the Leadership Performance Index®?

Translate Results into Actions

With results delivered by the LPI® individuals can begin to address performance and make adjustments immediately.

Maximize Training Effectiveness

Multiple levels of feedback from within the organization mean coaching and training can be customized for individuals, reducing training time and maximizing effectiveness.

Flexible, Easy to Use and Customizable

The LPI® can be applied throughout an organization in a cost-effective way. The online program can also be easily customized to include your organization’s company colours, logos, and languages.

Build a Leadership Pipeline

Each leadership level has a distinct position that calls for adjusted values and time applications combined with new skills. Used as the benchmark for The Leadership Pipeline Institute®, LPI clearly evaluates leaders at each level of leadership: Individual Contributors, Leaders of Others, Leaders of Leaders, Functional Leaders, and Business Leaders. Each survey is finely tuned to assess the leader based on core leadership competencies at their level.

Develop and Nurture Your Future Leaders

Results from The Leadership Performance Index® can be used to identify and benchmark:

  • How they are doing as a leader at their level
  • Are they ready to move up in the organization
  • Their performance as a leader in advance of the next Annual Review
  • In advance of Coaching Opportunities
Are Your Leaders Worth Following?

Leadership Pipeline Implementation