Build your Leadership Pipeline with the Leadership Experience Survey® (LES)

The Leadership Experience Survey (LES) represents a comprehensive evaluation tool that blends self-assessment with input from diverse stakeholders to appraise the effectiveness of leaders. Through the LES, organizations can gain valuable insights into their leadership capabilities. This is achieved by adopting a standardized framework that encompasses vital facets of leadership, benchmarked against a well-defined set of metrics rooted in established best practices and proven leadership tenets. Consequently, organizations can attain a lucid comprehension of their proficiency in leadership excellence.

The survey’s data-driven insights furnish practical information that leaders can utilize to guide their decision-making processes. Through analysis of the gathered data, organizations can unearth subtle trends, patterns, and connections that might otherwise remain concealed. By embracing this analytical approach, leaders are empowered to make well-founded choices based on empirical evidence, rather than mere assumptions.

Beyond this, the survey recognizes that employee engagement stands as a pivotal catalyst for heightened productivity, innovation, and overall triumph. Beyond its role in empowering employees, the survey underscores leadership’s genuine commitment to valuing and incorporating their viewpoints. This approach not only bolsters the accuracy of the evaluation but also fuels elevated employee dedication and cultivates a more harmonious work environment.

Why the Leadership Experience Survey?

Translate Results into Actions

After taking the survey, respondents are provided with a report that highlights the areas of improvements and areas of strength. This report also captures comments from the various stakeholders to provide clear evidence on issues at hand. Upon reviewing the responses, leaders can take action to address their areas of weakness and adjust immediately.

Maximize Training Effectiveness

Having multiple levels of feedback means coaching and training can be catered to individuals. The reports help reduce training time and helps leaders address areas that are of most concern.

Flexible, Easy to Use and Customizable

The LES takes roughly 7 minutes to complete and can be done anywhere at anytime, it requires no collaboration. Thus, your stakeholders can take it when most convenient. The ease of use and accessibility helps the survey remain accurate.

Build a Leadership Pipeline

The LES measures leadership performance based on 5 categories:

  1. Guidance & Setting Intentions
  2. Enable & Ensure Progress
  3. Strengthen & Mentor Subordinates
  4. Form & Nurture teams
  5. Evaluate & Optimize Performance

The survey requires input from 4 stakeholders:

  1. Leader
  2. Leader’s manager
  3. Leader’s peer
  4. Leader’s subordinate

Each stakeholder rates the leader on a Likert scale in each category then adds personal comments. The scores are summarized in a report which clearly represent the strengths and weaknesses.

Develop and Nurture Your Future Leaders

Results from The Leadership Experience Survey can be used to identify and benchmark:

  • How they are doing as a leader at their level?
  • Are they ready to move up in the organization?
  • What is their performance as a leader in advance of the next Annual Review?
  • What are potential Coaching Opportunities for the leader?

Leadership Pipeline Implementation