Great Talent for our clients to leverage!

Our independent agents come to Predictive Success  with strong business acumen, many years of experience in; consulting, manufacturing, sales, retail, pharmaceuticals, safety, executive coaching, selection. They each have a consulting practice company and have selected to bring in Predictive Success and the Predictive Index NEW Talent Optimization software to add powerful new solutions for their client base.

Located from coast to coast across Canada, all of our consultants are certified in the Predictive Index and Predictive Index Talent Optimization Leader Certification.

“Just a quick note to thank you, David Lahey, again (and to your amazing team!) for supporting the Durham Region Business Summit. I appreciate how busy you are, and the generosity you’ve shown in speaking to the attendees, distributing your book etc.  It was very much appreciated, and the feedback was tremendous. Thank you for giving back to our business community!”

Natalie Prychitko, CEO, Whitby Chamber of Commerce

“One of the best courses I’ve taken. Doug is very engaging, informative and has great stories to tell”

“Fast-paced and active learning. Well presented and held the interest of the wider group.”

“Eric was fantastic. He took the effort and patience to allow us to absorb the information. The course is designed very well—I loved it!”

“I cannot wait to implement this company-wide.”

Average 4/5 or 5/5 attendee rating for Predictive Success training courses: 96%

Our Valuable Team Members

David Lahey, MBA
Founder & CEO
Ph. (905)430-9788 x 101

Bill Zerter, P.Eng, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Ph. (905)430-9788 x 108

Kelly-Anne Lahey, CHRL, Masters in Industrial Relations
VP, Operations

David Osborne
VP, Business Development
Ph. (905)430-9788 x 300

Martin Foster
VP, Business Development

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 275

Julie Cane
Senior Administrator

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 100

Doug McCann
Managing Principal
Western Canada/US
Ph. 905-430-9788 x 114

Eric Irwin, MBA
Managing Principal
Toronto/Eastern States

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 109

Rob Friday
Managing Principal

Ph. (416) 910-7904

Jennifer Lahey, M.Sc.
Managing Principal

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 117

Stephen Flower
Managing Principal
Toronto/Southern Ontario

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 113

Jason Taylor
Managing Principal

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 119

Mitch LePage, M.Ed.
Managing Principal
GTA/Durham Region

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 110

Curtis Lahey, JD, MBA
Managing Principal

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 1026

Julie Campeau
Managing Principal

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 1028

Veronica Utton, CHRL
Certified Predictive
Index Facilitator

Véronique Bélanger, M.Sc. CHRA
Talent Optimization Consultant
Montreal, Quebec

Rich Huisman
PSC Ambassador

Alyssa Shaver, Masters in International Public Diplomacy
Client Success Lead

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 123

Natalie McCann
Client Success Associate
Western Canada

Sidra Ali
Client Success Associate

Ph. (905)430-9788 x105

Daphné Toupin
Client Success & Talent Optimization Specialist
Montreal, Quebec

Marilia Rodrigues
Accounting/Bilingual Client Administrator

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 108

Susan Goodman
Accounting Clerk, Receivables

Ph. (905)430-9788 x 103

John Zettler
PSC Ambassador & Facilitator
Atlantic Canada

Carey Morgan
HRIS & ATS Predictive Index Integration Specialist

Teri Nghiem, M.Sc.
Organizational Design Associate

Larry Enfield, LLB, P.Eng
Legal Counsel

Brian Cheng, CPA, CA
Accounting Counsel

In Memory of: Berkeley
Senior Growth Mascot

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