5 Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back In The Workplace

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Many people want to climb the hierarchical ladder and reach ultimate corporate domination. Isn’t that the dream Be_So_Good.jpgfor the majority of young business visionaries, or perhaps for you? Many people want this level of “success” but how can we achieve it when everyone is fighting for the same goal? The secret lies in the little things.

Steve Martin said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you” – a quote that I look at every day as I have it taped to my desk. This quote is short yet powerful as it encompasses a wide variety of things. In order to fulfill this quote on a daily basis one must learn to free themselves from their own self-destructive nonsense. So, let’s start your journey to the top together by identifying five bad habits that are holding you back at work.


1)  Lone Wolf Syndrome

As much as you may want to, you can’t make it to the top on your own. You don’t know everything about everything and you shouldn’t pretend to. Building connections and surrounding yourself with people who are strong in the areas you are not is how you succeed! So, build those professional connections, utilize them and return the favour.


2)  Never Taking Breaks

Working straight through lunch and getting an extra hour of work done is smart and efficient right? Wrong. Six hours of GREAT work is better than 7 hours of okay work. You need to take breaks to reenergize your mind and body – and for the love of god EAT lunch. Taking that small break can keep you from making typos that turn ask into a$$.   


3)  Being a “Negative Nancy”

It is the golden rule to surround yourself with positive people and energy. If it’s even slightly true that you become like the five people you spend the most time with, do you want those people to be horribly negative and frankly, tough to be around?


4)  You Are Always Late!

If this is one of your bad habits, whether it be late for meetings, work, or a dentist appointment, for everyone’s sanity STOP! Being late often comes across as disrespectful, especially if you’re meeting with someone of high importance. What if you are about to get a promotion and show up late to the meeting? Just set your alarm 5 minutes earlier! 


5)  The “It’s Not My Job” Excuse

This excuse gets old fast and sounds like nails screeching down a chalk board to a manager. These could very well be the extra tasks that help to fast track your career over others. The willingness to jump in and help with tasks that may fall outside of your job description shows dedication and portrays you as a team player.  



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