5 Things Employees are Looking for in a Position

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A recent Gallup survey revealed that 51% of American employees are actively seeking a different job or are looking for viable job opportunities. This is due, primarily, to lack of employee engagement. The survey identified five key attributes that employees consider when contemplating leaving their current position and taking a job at a new organization.

1. Will they be allowed to do what they do best? Almost two-thirds of employees in the survey placed this at the top of their list. They seek positions that allow them to utilize their skills, talent, and knowledge.

2. Will they be better able to attend to their own personal well-being and achieve a better work-life balance? More than half (53%) of the employees valued this as very important. Flexible schedules and the ability to work remotely are ways that it can be accomplished.

3. Will they have better job security and more stability? This was very important to around 51% of the employees surveyed. It comes down to the fact that employees are looking for a company to grow with and have a career. This seems to be even more prevalent during these uncertain economic times.

4. Will the position give them a significant increase in income? While this is likely no real surprise, it may be surprising to know that only about 41% of employees found this important. They are more interested in job security and stability, work-life balance, and being able to do the things they do best.

5. Will they have the opportunity to work with for a reputable company or one with a great brand?More than a third (36%) of employees deemed this very important in a potential new employer. A strong brand translates to reliability or trustworthiness which indicates a loyal, strong customer base. This usually indicates stability and growth opportunities.

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