6 Tactics to Automate Recruiting Efforts

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Automating Recruiting

It is undeniable that human resources processes require a human touch. Creating job descriptions, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and conveying the outcome of the recruitment process (both positive and negative) to candidates are all integral components of the hiring process. Fortunately, there are various methods for automating the recruiting process, which can help save time while ensuring a quality candidate experience. The following are six ways to automate the recruitment process:

1. Candidate pre-screening

Utilize prerecorded video interviews to prescreen candidates, reducing the time associated with phone screens. Choose the questions you wish to have answered to automate hiring and distribute them to candidates to complete on their own time. Allocate a designated period to review the videos, which can help to accurately compare and contrast applicants. Prerecorded video interviews are highly beneficial when interviewing a large volume of candidates in the initial screening process.

2. Make scheduling simpler

Allow candidates to selfschedule their interviews with available time slots by utilizing an interview scheduling software. This will reduce the need for your team to manually schedule and reschedule interviews, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

3. On-the-go recruitment

Recruiters can now leverage mobile recruiting apps to access candidate data and resumes, view realtime candidate information, and manage interviewing scheduling, whether online or offline. This expedites the interview process and enables recruiters to capture essential candidate information without having to be physically present at their desk.

4. Create talent pipelines for your brand

Increase efficiency in the interview process by creating talent communities. These talent communities can be used as a consistent source of qualified and engaged candidates, allowing for a reduction in candidate discovery and vetting processes. Establishing a connection with potential candidates can be done through videos that display the company‘s culture, provide updates, and share content related to the skillsets desired.

5. Implement a procedure for assessment

Implementing talent workflows with online and mobile assessments can reduce the amount of time spent collecting interviewer feedback. An efficient workflow should include assigning evaluations to interviewers and automated reminders to ensure prompt completion.

6. Use a CRM to manage your hiring processes

Implementing a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system can help streamline the recruiting process, offering automated solutions and one central hub for accessing pertinent candidate information. This system can be integrated with other tools you use, allowing for convenient scheduling of multiple interviews and access to accurate information when targeting a particular college campus. In short, a CRM like The Predictive Index Assessment Tool can help you make smarter hiring decisions and reduce laborious tasks.


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