Balance in Leadership

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A business’ success is created by combining talented team members and effective team leaders. To find the team leaders that would best serve their team and in turn, the company as a whole, the key is balance. Ensuring balance between the two main qualities of leadership, time management and focus.

In any position there are both tasks and relationships. Human interaction is both effective and necessary in productivity, however you cannot lose focus on the tasks at hand. A leader must ensure that they tend to projects as well as interaction with other people if the team is to succeed.

Be Present and Focused

An effective leader must also be both present as well as future focused. Planning ahead too much would leave day-to-day tasks unattended to or sloppy, and focusing solely on the here and now would leave the team without a direction.  A healthy balance means that all bases are covered when it comes to growing and/or maintaining a successful business.

Of course, this all begins with finding and hiring the right people.

Find and Hire the Right People

With the use of the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ and the Predictive Index Job Assessment™, companies can now find people whose behavioural traits match the positions that they need filled. By comparing the results from the behavioural assessment with those from the job assessment, Human Resources departments can now see whose Behaviour Profile contains the necessary qualities for the positions they are hiring for.  This is useful for both the hiring of new employees and the advancement of current, high achieving employees.

The assessments can help to determine whether an individual is more task oriented (this would be indicated by a low B score) or whether they tend to enjoy social aspects more (reflected in a high B score). We can also see if someone’s more of a future thinker vs. a present planner by checking their C score (a low C meaning that the individual focuses on the now and a future planner scoring a higher C score).  This brief yet effective assessment shows who would be an ideal leader in any role, showing you the behavioural pattern and level of balance in a concise graph- it really is that simple.

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