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Leaders in Human Capital Analytics

We are dedicated to help clients find and hire top talent, build teams and leaders, manage change, influence productivity and drive sales. Our clients apply our “people data” to support employment decisions, explore advancement opportunities, succession planning and performance acceleration at group, team, and individual levels.

Benefits and Rewards
Our associates and full-time employees are eligible for a wide range of benefits* and rewards. We offer competitive starting rates plus regular wage and performance reviews to promote skills growth and earning power.

Full-time Predictive Success employees are eligible for enhanced total compensation and benefits, such as our Comprehensive Group Insurance Plan that offers extended health, dental, disability and life insurance for employees and their families.



“I have been an employee with Predictive Success for almost 3 years. This is the first employer that has made me feel like I was a part of something special and that my role was important to help achieve company goals. I am constantly encouraged to step outside of my comfort zones to prove that I am capable of so much more than I thought possible. Predictive Success values professional development and invests in your growth both professionally and personally.”

Kayla VanSchyndel, Manager of Shared Services

“For over 10 years I have partnered with Predictive Success to deliver impactful people solutions to our clients. There are many reasons for my long association: the products and services are superior, cost competitive and they enable lasting change. Our clients are passionate, caring, and intelligent people committed to the success of their people and organizations. I believe in the company’s vision and its business practices, and of course, the team make me want to continue to work here for many more years. If you want to make a difference with your clients and help them do the right things, I would recommend Predictive Success.”

John Lobraico, Managing Principal
“Working at Predictive Success allows you to learn and do so many different things while working in a great team environment. The experience you gain is priceless.”
Lauren Danes, Bilingual Customer Service Respresentative
“I thoroughly enjoy working at Predictive Success. The culture that exists here is one that rewards hard work and encourages collaboration and imagination. This company provides a great atmosphere and benefits, but most importantly the management team provides opportunities to try new things and apply your own ideas. Predictive Success is invested in the development of employees and celebrates accomplishments of all.”
Hannah Harrison, Research and Contracts Associate