Celebrating 15 Years – During Covid-19

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ovid-19 has challenged how teams work together and has reinforced the necessity to be agile and adaptable. Our annual team photo celebrating our 15th anniversary is a great illustration of this – it is not the typical big group with the even bigger smiles. Although we had a smaller team to celebrate, the larger team from across Canada was there in spirit. Always adaptable, the team has learned to smile with their eyes.

In addition to taking team photos, Predictive Success celebrated some of our team’s individual successes by presenting two achievement awards. Congratulations to Jason Taylor for being awarded our 2020 Rookie of the Year trophy, and to Mitch LePage for being our 2020 Catalyst Award Winner.


Natalie Prychitko, CEO of Whitby Chamber of Commerce, and Lorna McGhee, Outreach Manager for The Whitby Chamber of Commerce, also joined our 15-year celebration. Together we toasted the great partnership between Predictive Success and The Whitby Chamber of Commerce. Without their support, our 15 years wouldn’t have been possible.


David Lahey, President and CEO of Predictive Success provided some advice for new entrepreneurs in the Whitby community.

  1. Select your partners strategically
  2. Be careful you don’t over extend yourself. “Good money versus crazy money. Be budget-centric.”
  3. Hire good people. Keep them. Treat them right. Technical and consulting strength is the center of everything.


Thank you to everyone for a fantastic 15 years, and to 15 years ahead!

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