Cultural Champion 360 Insights Creating New Wave of Durham Coders

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Cultural Champion 360 Insights Creating New Wave of Durham Coders

Supporting the Durham Region

At Predictive Success, we work with clients around North America, but not all are so far away. Durham-based 360 Insights, a long term partner of Predictive Success, is much closer. Only two blocks away to be exact.

360 Insights revolutionized how companies use and implement channel incentive systems, growing to work with some of the biggest brands in global business. However, the company’s focus has always been to grow entrepreneurship and business in the durham area, including working with Predictive Success to support Durham’s first business accelerator, 1855 Whitby.

When local St.Marks Elementary School was having a difficult time raising funds for new computers in their library, 360 Insights Founder and CEO, Jason Atkins, stepped in to help. 360 Insights sent a series of their refurbished computers to St. Marks to be set up in the library. Eric Mills, an IT Support leader at 360 Insights, was even on site to make sure everything worked properly.

Patty Lahey and Eric Mills setting up the new computers.

Patty Lahey, the Teacher Librarian at St.Marks, said she is incredibly grateful for the donation, and for the impact it will have on the Kindergarten to Grade Eight students who will use them everyday to support their education. The computers will also be used to teach the next generation of computer scientists, and to continue to build Durham’s growing spirit of entrepreneurialism.

Predictive Success is always excited to share stories of our client’s generosity and kindness.

To find out more about 360 Insights, visit their website at

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