Create dream teams.

Teams are the future. Leaders – meet your favourite solution to build and manage high-performing teams.

“Looking back on this time, managers should be asking themselves ‘what am I going to regret that I didn’t do for my teams when I had the chance?”

– Ryan Urzada, Chief Experience Officer, The Atlas Hotel

Team Discovery

PI Design helps you discover your Dream Teams in three steps.

Discover your Strategy

Pinpoint the strategic objectives that will drive your business to the next level and identify misalignment with your team’s abilities.

Discover your Strengths

Take the 6-minute PI Behavioural Assessment™ to understand how you work best and how you can inspire your people to perform.

Discover your Dream Team

Discover your team’s collective strengths, opportunities and caution areas to drive collaboration, cohesion and performance.

PI is the single most profitable thing I’ve done in my company’s history.

Graham Warner, Warner Industries

Tackle your biggest team problems with our PI Design module.

“We are struggling to communicate and don’t understand each other.”

Nothing kills a team’s mojo faster than broken communication. Unlock a common language and understand each team member’s unique behavioural drives, including collaboration and communication preferences.

“We don’t have shared goals.”

Bring your dream team together by aligning strategic team imperatives with your team’s natural abilities.

“We have issues with accountability.”

PI Design gives you the tools to make teamwork measurable – develop a team action plan, get scored on cohesion and watch your team crush goals.

“We don’t know what our goals are.”

Gain alignment on your team’s strategic objectives. Know where your team is hardwired to succeed—and where you may need to call in reinforcements.

See how it works in the PI Talent Optimization Platform.

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