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Diagnose employee engagement problems and take action

Happy employees mean happy customers and an even happier bottom line.

“Employee engagement is dependent on having employees feel satisfied and heard in their role. The Predictive Index as delivered by Elite Partner Predictive Success helps that.”

– Anna McInnis, Maximus Canada

Imagine you have a team of employees using a rope to pull a boulder up a hill.

  • 20% are pulling with all of their might
  • 70% are pulling—but not at full force.
  • 10% are actively sawing the rope in half.

It is critical to find your cultural champions and design plans to engage the rest. Just think of the possibilities – what can your teams accomplish if all of your people were pulling with their full force?

Our clients see higher sales, better customer experience, better bottom lines, fewer accidents, fewer sick days and stronger retention. When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make sense to get it right?

The PI Diagnose™ solution

The PI Diagnose™ solution is a powerful framework for solving engagement problems—and maintaining employee engagement. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to shift your company into high gear.

PI Employee Experience SurveyTM

Find the source of disengagement and benchmark your data against leading comparator organizations. Where are your sources of strength? How are you stacking up?

Pinpoint cultural strengths and barriers and uncover engagement opportunities

Arm your leaders with an understanding of your organizational strengths, existing barriers that prevent you from seeing full engagement and the weak pockets that need to be strengthened. Your people will walk away with actionable next steps to engage, empower and inspire your talent.

Learn how FAM used the PI Diagnose™ solution to identify the causes of disengagement and stop turnover.

PI Diagnose gives you the data to build a highly engaged culture by tackling the four forces of disengagement:

Misalignment with the job

Misalignment with the manager

Misalignment with the team

Misalignment with the team

Your company might be fighting against one of these forces—or all four. In any case, you have employees who do the bare minimum to avoid getting fired. Actively engaged employees go above and beyond because they’re emotionally committed to your company’s success.

The PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement across the four categories—and delivers a custom action plan so you can fix what’s broken or keep doing more of what’s working well.

See how it works in the PI Talent Optimization Platform.

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