What does The Predictive Index® do?

The Predictive Index® assessments are a tool designed to help employers make informed decisions based on collected data about potential candidates and current employees. They also help define the needs of a role, team, project or business strategy.

The Predictive Index® is more of an assessment than a traditional test, meaning it’s not “pass or fail.” The PI Behavioral Assessment™ measures behavioral drives (Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality).

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ identifies candidates with a high potential for successful on-the-job performance by measuring their cognitive agility. The PI Cognitive Assessment™ is an essential component of any recruitment process and is an indicator of trainability for positions at all levels of an organization. Available in 70+ languages, it assists in accelerating onboarding and an employee’s capacity to handle complex business situations.

Employers use the PI Job Assessment™ to determine the behavioral traits and cognitive ability someone would need to be successful in each position.