Gen. Z Doesn’t See Borders – And It Could Grow Your Business Internationally

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Gen. Z Doesn’t See Borders – And It Could Grow Your Business Internationally

How many articles have been written with this opening line, (or something along these lines)?

“Advancements in technology such as email, video conferencing, SMS messages, and mobile phones has created an era where remote work is a genuine possibility.”

Cliché as it is, and as awkward as the verbiage sounds, the idea stands. Communication is business, and you can now communicate everywhere.


Case Study:

At Predictive Success, our monthly all-team meetings are held over Zoom technology. We rarely, if ever, have technical difficulties, and we often have team members calling in from airports and hotels. The ability to communicate this way means schedules don’t have to, “perfectly align,” in order to get a meeting going. Better yet, we can all see the updated deck our Shared Services team prepares ahead of time, which can then be sent to the team afterward via email. This interaction keeps us energized, connected, and allows us to share ideas.


Gen. Z grew up in this world, and they don’t know life without it. For the other generations, the pre-connectivity world is still a sharp memory.

Predictive Success’ Marketing Coordinator, (a Gen-Zer), remembers when his freelancing mom got a Blackberry, allowing her to take them to the Zoo during the day, all while staying connected. It was a game-changer for her. Her business became mobile.

Now, business just is mobile, and even more-so for Gen. Z. “Digital Nomadism,” isn’t a word those in Gen. Z even think about, its intuitive because the concept was born from the context in which they were born.

This can be proved with some pretty easy A = B thinking.

  • Baby Boomers: Born after the post-war and post-depression, this group has a “hard-work is paramount,” attitude that can be seen in their work.
  • Millennials: Born in a time of economic prosperity, this generation is often characterized by self-oriented philosophy.
  • Generation-Z: Born in the midst of the tech bubble, Gen. Z has seen an explosion in companies that connect people worldwide. As such, Generation Z has never not known a time you could contact someone in another country instantly.

The modern manager is wise to investigate whether they can leverage this aspect of Generation Z to develop high-performing teams worldwide. Sales teams that want to expand overseas no longer need to send an expatriate to open a branch, manage sales personnel in person, and incur the massive costs this can create.

Instead, the company can find sales professionals on online job boards who can be just as connected at home as they would be in an office.

Now, this setup produces one issue: By hiring overseas like this, managers don’t get the face to face interaction that normal hiring procedures would give them. It is often this in-person call that gives managers the reassurance they need in a candidate.

The Predictive Index™

This problem is a double-edged sword; technology created it, and technology can fix it. The Predictive Index Behavioural and Cognitive Assessment gives companies a snapshot of the employee’s true behavioural drives, which can, using data and AI, produce a detailed report of the candidate. This provides hiring managers an even more detailed understanding of a candidate’s behaviour than if they had met them in person.

To understand how The Predictive Index can allow your company to disregard borders, and hire the best talent worldwide, contact Thomas MacIntosh at, or call (905) 430-9788 x 104.



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