Giving is Good For You

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Giving is Good For You

When you give, not only is the recipient benefiting, but you may also be reaping more rewards than you think.  There are several benefits of giving that might not be immediately apparent.

Forming Connections

Whether you are volunteering, donating money, or donating resources, you have the chance to meet new people and form new connections.  These are people that believe in the benefit of giving back and may have a similar connection to the cause that inspires you. The best connections and partnerships are formed by a shared vision or goal across businesses and in relationships.

Activate Your Pleasure Centres

The act of giving has been shown to activate pleasure centres in your brain.  If you’re ever feeling down, doing something for someone else, even something small, can make you feel better.

Inspire Others

Seeing someone do something good inspires others to do the same.  You cannot solve the world’s problems on your own but your actions might inspire many others to do their part.  Together, your contribution and that of those you have inspired, could have a positive and tangible impact on the cause that you support.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Anything you can give, whether it be a little time or a little money, goes a long way for the causes that you support.  Most charities rely solely on donations to fund every aspect of their organization, so every cent that they receive is important for their operation.

Whatever way you choose to give,  know that you are doing good things for yourself as well as others.

We at Predictive Success Corporation are proud to partner with several charitable initiatives to help provide essential services for those in need of support. 


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