Hidden Gems: How to Uncover your High-Potential Performers

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Hidden Gems: How to Uncover your High-Potential Performers

Within an organization, there are employees who are waiting to have their potential ignited and invested in. These employees are known as high-potential performers and the current business environment is failing to develop these future leaders. According to the Harvard Business Review, only 13% of senior executives who have leadership programs in their company have confidence in the potential leaders in their firm. As a result, within the world’s largest businesses 30% of CEOs are external hires (Aráoz et al., 2017).

How to Identify a High-Potential Employee

High-potential employees are constant learners. According to the former CEO of Walmart.com these agile learners ask questions, are curious, open to new experiences, and are motivated to investigate problems (Cast, 2016). Although these behaviours can be identifiable on an observational basis, they can also be hidden to management. Thus, employers can use HR analytics tools such as The Predictive Cognitive Assessment™ to assess behaviours that high-potential employees have. This assessment specifically identifies problem solving skills in employees: another indicator of high potential performers.

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How to Leverage your High Potential Employees

Once high-potential performers are identified, it is important for employers to motivate these employees while encouraging self-awareness and learning. Investing in these employees through professional development programs is a great way to show them their value to the company while facilitating an learning environment. Most importantly, once you have invested in your high potential employees it is important to facilitate a path of success. Of course, it is important not to overcommit to employees but it is essential to provide opportunities that can lead to success in your company’s leadership.

The Predictive Cognitive Assessment™

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