Happy St. Patrick’s Day, An Irish Blessing To All!

By Jennifer Lahey  |  

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appy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Today we are reminiscing on one of our trips we took a couple of years ago to Dublin, Ireland as a team. From visiting the Guinness Storehouse and learning how to pour the perfect beer…

…to enjoying more Guinness in the Gravity Bar on top of the storehouse looking out on the amazing view of Dublin’s city streets…

… to enjoying the buskers on the busy streets and pretending to be olde tyme Irish gentleman…

We want to wish our clients a happy St. Patrick’s Day, a day for celebration, good fun, good music, and good food. May you be touched with a bit of Irish luck today! 

An Irish Blessing…☘️

“May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door, and happiness be with you now and bless you evermore!” 

Cheers / Sláinte!

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