Predictive Index Management Education offers a tool that greatly enhances Personal Growth & Leadership Development. There is a reason 28% of Canada’s Best Managed Companies now use Predictive Success.

Once a manager/employee are registered for the Predictive Index, CFS or LTP Education your time is committed as we need to book the facilitator, pay for the room and lunches and breakouts.

The time in Predictive Index class has been deemed very beneficial to your growth as a manager in your company. This education is a life skill credential. We request once you register you block off these 2 days as part of your professional development and keep them. If for health reasons, you need to postpone your training our policy is listed below: Due to our cost to secure your employees seat, we have to access a cancellation fee for any change.

Our Cancellation Policy:

Predictive Index Management Workshop™ Cancellation or Change Policy

  • Only companies with a contract in good standing are permitted to have employees attend our PI Management Training’s
  • 20+days in advance of seminar – NO CHARGE provided you have contacted us in writing by email to our Administrator Shared Services toll free 1.855.430.9788
  • Less than 15 days 100 % of the seminar fee is due but an (in house credit) will be kept on file for the company to use at a later date in the same calendar year.
  • 1-7 days in advance the fees are due in full. Like other providers of adult training fees are due at time or registration. If a student is unable to attend he/she may send a replacement in their place to the course registered or ask for an in house credit to be used within 3 months of the cancellation. There will be a $100 administration fee to process this transfer request.
  • Payment for Predictive Index Education must be paid prior to attending one of our workshops.

New Refresher fee:

A $75 attendance fee is now our policy to help off set food and room costs for any PI Analyst who would like to come back and take a refresher. If you would like to attend please contact Julie to register and make arrangements for payment.