The Power of Development

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The Power of Development

Whether someone is starting their career, or looking to advance along their current career-path, self-improvement has been commonly integrated into the workplace through development. Especially amongst A-players, many leaders are identifying as ‘lifelong learners’ who envision themselves as future industry thought leaders. In order for goals such as this one to be accelerated, organizations need to provide opportunities that will translate to career progression. Now that employees are looking to grow within their workplace, it is the employer’s turn to kick-start development.

Future-Proofing EmployeesPredictive Success

By providing development opportunities, organizations are encouraging employees to engage in thisprocess while self-assessing and making personalized goals. Once goals are created, development opportunities act as a tool for employees to leverage and achieve their long-term career goals. This, in turn, future-proofs employees by preparing them for future job responsibilities while honing and fine-tuning skills that will lead to future successes.

The Engagement Index

For employers, making an investment in development can translate to making an investment in employee engagement. By contributing to the improvement of employees, development not only results in employees feeling more valued but it can also help them find more interest in their work.

At Predictive Success, we offer a product called the Engagement Index. This tool is fully customizable and therefore allows you to concentrate on the subjects important to your organization and business. This tool, along with the helpful consultation from our certified managing principals, will allow you to begin to transform the culture surrounding your organization, and ensure that you are creating an exceptional employee experience, from Require, to Hire, to Inspire.

To learn more about the Engagement Index click here, or to view how all our workforce analytics can help you make better people decisions, click here.

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