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The key to giving back to the community and supporting organizations is to find a way to contribute that aligns with your values and interests. Whether it’s through volunteering your time or making a financial contribution, every little bit helps to make a positive impact on your community. This year Predictive Success has joined forces with the Holy Family Capital Campaign to continue the gift of giving. David Lahey our CEO and founder of Predictive Success continues to support the local Whitby community with a pledge to give back.

The Holy Family

The Holy Family is a Catholic charity that serves the community in the town of Whitby. It provides support and assistance to those in need through a variety of services. Some examples of the services offered include:

  • Food and clothing to people who are experiencing hardship and need immediate support.
  • The youth programs provide young people with the opportunity to learn new skills, engage in community service, and participate in recreational activities.
  • The charity also conducts outreach and education programs in the community, aimed at promoting social inclusion and helping people to better understand and support one another.

The Holy Family works to meet the needs of the community and help improve the lives of those in need. This year Predictive Success has pledged $275,000 to help the church execute some of these services. The financial contribution will go a long way in reforming the church and helping the growing Catholic community in Whitby.

Closing Thoughts

The holiday season can be a difficult time for many people, especially those who are struggling financially or facing other challenges. By giving back to the local community, you can help those in need and make a positive impact on their lives.

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