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Two Predictive Success Gen-Z. Employees Publish Book on the Future of Work

By Thomas MacIntosh  |  

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Two Predictive Success Gen-Z. Employees Publish Book on the Future of Business


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Writing on the Future of Business

The future of work is changing. Analytics are becoming the backbone of so many industries, Millenials are quickly becoming a dominant part of the workforce. Generation-Z is entering the worklife and spending big money in international markets. Businesses are craving talent and retention is becoming a top priority for the modern manager.

Two of Predictive Success’ youngest team-members identified this changing workplace and wanted to dive deeper into research about the future of business. Thomas MacIntosh and Matthias Jang are both Generation-Z university students, and both entering their third year of business school. Thomas MacIntosh is studying International Business at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, as well as at Sciences Po in Reims, France. Matthias Jang is studying Commerce at the Smith School of Business, Queens University.

Thomas MacIntosh, (left), and Matthias Jang.

Their research identified a few major trends that became the backbone of the book: Creating cultural champions in a company leads to a motivated, passionate, and high-performing workforce. Millennials and Generation-Z see new purposes in their work and have unique workstyles that will change the modern office. Workplace analytics and talent strategies will develop unique competitive advantages for companies.

The Journey to Cultural Championship: Creating a passionate, driven, and high-performing team cumulates business research in AI, analytics, HR, management, consulting, and more. The book provides the modern manager with data-backed insights, guides, and action plans to create a high-performing team in 2019 and beyond.

To buy the book, click here.


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