What Is A Personal Brand Statement?

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Section I: Understanding The Benefits of a Personal Brand Statement

If you are starting to search for your dream job, one of the best ways to impress the job recruiters is to develop your personal brand statement.

Once you know what your personal brand statement is, you will be able to sell yourself better. Being prepared with one will make it easier to know exactly who you are, what your best skills are, and what makes you stand out from others.

What Is A Personal Brand Statement?

If you are wondering how to create a personal brand statement, all it takes is one or two sentences. These precious words need to be able to sum up what value you provide by explaining what your top skills are, who your target audience is, and how your special qualities contribute to your accomplishments. This statement needs to say to others what makes you unique and valuable, while standing out as yours alone.

These statements should not include a specific position that you want to fill, as this is what businesses are trying to find. This should be what role you fill in your life, not just a title that other people see you as.

Your personal brand statement is separate from your personal manifesto or long-term goals. Your statement is meant to market yourself to others, and they just want to know why you are worth their time.

The best personal branding statements get stuck in your mind, have a strong impact, and show others why your best traits are desirable. Think about who you are and what you bring to other people’s lives and expand upon those skills.

How Will A Personal Brand Statement Help You?

If you find yourself explaining to others what your job is and if people are still not sure exactly what you do, you may find having a personal brand statement that you can quickly sum up what you do a useful tool. Being able to provide others with a short, impactful description of who you are and what you contribute to the world may lead you to find exactly what you are looking for.

In today’s competitive world, it is important to find a way to stand out from the masses. If you are not being authentic and unique, you will get lost in the crowd of everyone else that is fighting to be heard. Having a niche skillset that is different from others, can help you stand out even more.

If you are wanting to be successful and make money doing what you do, having a clear and impactful personal brand statement can help you find the people that will allow you to thrive. clear and impactful

personal brand statement can help you find the people that will allow you to thrive. According to a recent study from Entrepreneur, ninety-two percent of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands. It is possible to do what you love and make money, and a personal brand statement can help you do just that.

Section II: Developing Your Personal Brand Statement

How Can You Create A Personal Brand Statement?

The first thing you will need to do when creating a personal brand statement is to write down every quality that you possess that makes you a strong candidate for your desired career. Review the list when it is complete, and select the skills that will help you stand out most from others. This list will be what is know as your unique selling points (USP) and will help you create your personal brand statement.

Review your top skills and qualities and use those to create your statement. It should only be one or two sentences and they should answer these questions clearly:

  • How do you benefit others?
  • What makes you and your method special?
  • Who are you focused on reaching?

Create A Personal Brand Statement

Make sure that you describe your value clearly and strongly. Understand what makes you special in all environments, especially in oversaturated markets, you will need to know how what you offer is different from what any other person can provide.

Focus On The People Your Are Targeting

Decide who will benefit from your skills and focus on them. Understand their needs and desires and how you can be serve them. The more niche your audience is, the more you will be able to push your brand towards them. It is better to be selective about who you are benefitting so that they will best respond to you. At the same time, your potential customers are looking for someone that meets their standards, so it is important to understand and fill those needs better than anyone else can.

Create A Personal Brand Statement

Be True To Yourself

If you are struggling with how to write a personal brand statement, try focusing on who you are and what skills you possess today, rather than what you hope to be and achieve in the future. Understand where in your development you are, whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is important to be honest with yourself and others. Saying that you are over-skilled or possess a talent that you have yet to really hone, will only create a distaste in your target audience, which will negatively impact you. Instead, your personal brand statement needs to be genuine to who you are, while impressing and creating curiosity in the people you are targeting.

Leave A Long-Lasting Impression

The best personal brand statement examples include those with direct language that are easy to understand even by children. Using complicated language or industry jargon will only exclude people, so make sure it is accessible. If you are presenting your statement to strangers, keep it short and sticky, so that people will remember it. By doing this, it will make it more likely that they will remember you and your statement, and will pass on your message along to others, creating a buzz around you.

Be Flexible

Even the best personal statements need tweaking now and then. If you are not getting the most out of your personal brand statement, then change it. It does not have to be the same one that you use for your entire life. As you grow, change, and seek different outcomes, your statement should change with you. Review your brand statement annually so that it stays relevant to who you are in that moment.

Take The Initiative Today

Now that you know how to create a personal brand statement, it is time to create your very own. Developing your own statement will help you market yourself better, giving you more of what you want. Having an excellent personal brand statement up your sleeve will help you stand out against others that have yet to develop theirs.

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