2019, the year of talent!

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2019, the year of talent!

The last few years have been filled with advancements, including in employee engagement, retention programs, emotional intelligence, and so on. As we can see, the focus must now be on developing and keeping our talent. Unfortunately, the saying “one lost, ten found” no longer applies today.

I am declaring 2019, the year of talent optimization! This will include all the aspects mentioned above, but also the consolidation of our teams and our talented people. Your organization will need to align its business strategies with the workforce. However, it will no longer be up to human resources alone, but to everyone (executives, managers, supervisors, etc.) in your company to apply this quest for talent optimization.

As Kathi Enderes (Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP) aptly puts it in her article from December 4th, 2018:

“We anticipate that in the future, the analysis of people will become the main factor of support in increasing autonomy (and productivity) of the individual by passing on the knowledge to empower him to succeed at work.”

(Source: https://capitalhblog.deloitte.com/2018/12/04/prediction-people-analytics-will-augment-the-workforce-and-the-workplace/)

The success of such a plan requires support at the various decision-making levels of the organization, that is, demanding (what we need), hiring (the best person) and inspiring (talent optimization) to achieve your goals.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
• Do my managers know their teams well and are they able to guide them towards success?
• Are my teams performing well and focused on achieving goals?
• Do I have a succession plan adapted to the growth of my organization?
• When I make promotions, is it based on merit or suitability?

Good reflection!

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