Workplace Analytics – Helping Employees Thrive at Work

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In today’s fast-paced business world, workers are becoming increasingly interested in driving their own success. This urge to take charge of their professional futures is what inspired the creation of technology to help them do just that, using analytics. This effort to help employees determine trainings and career moves necessary for advancement in their field is expected to have a positive impact in the workplace, as employees will be able to see opportunities for advancement within their company. This technology will also help employers find employees that could thrive in other roles, positioning people strategically based on performance. Proper placement will also help with retention as happier employees last longer.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ is an example of such analytics. Its ability to help employers find the best candidates for positions at the beginning of the hiring process helps reduce turnover. The profile that is generated from the behavioural assessment gives employers insight on how to manage as well as collaborate with each employee to obtain their best work. This aids in the effort to keep employees happy, reducing attrition rates. The success that the Predictive Index Behavioural AssessmentTM as well as the Predictive Index Learning IndicatorTM has had with companies, shows that workplace analytics are the way of the future.

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