Build Dream Teams

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Create a dream team that gets the job done

  1. Use objective data to understand how your team gets results
  2. Resolve conflict, build and maintain trust cohesion
  3. Align teams to the work they do best

Team Discovery

  • Boost productivity by leaning into your team’s natural strengths. 
  • Tailor your leadership to fit your employee’s needs. 
  • Understand how your team communicates, makes decisions and takes action through powerful behavioural insights. 

1:1 Strategy Session

Use data to help you understand yourself, your team, and  your work in a different way that will uncover opportunities to maximize strengths and minimize blind spots


  1. You: “you” at work (understanding how you lead and think and work)
  2. You + Others: explore the dynamics between you and others
  3. You + Others + Work: uncover natural strengths and blind spots
  4. Deliverable & Next Steps: discuss any next steps based on your data

High Performance Series Workshops

Discovering Your Team Type


Work Styles:
Your strengths: Use a common language to explore individual awareness and complementary strengths.
Team Type: 
Your team: Celebrate team strengths and examine potential blind spots that are challenging team dynamics.
Your next steps: Improve dynamics by identifying simple actions to immediately address opportunities.

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Designing for Strategic Action


Team Objectives:
Your targets: Use a common language to translate objectives into talent terms.
Team Type + Objectives: 
Your stretch: Explore your Team Type through the lens of your objectives.
Your next steps: De-risk execution by identifying actions to address opportunities.

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