Coaching for Sales Excellence™


Coaching for Sales Excellence™ gives sales managers the knowledge and tools they need to improve overall sales effectiveness and productivity by utilizing the insight provided by the Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT). SSAT provides a detailed, quantifiable look at your sales people’s strengths, skills and specific areas that need improvement.

Coaching is more than a job responsibility. It’s up to the sales manager to help the team enhance their sales skills and motivate them to meet or exceed their sales goals. But it’s not easy. Helping people learn new ways of doing things involves changing existing behavioural habits and establishing new ones.

Coaching for Sales Excellence gives sales managers the knowledge they need to leverage the data from SSAT and the communication skills necessary to coach their team for long-term sales success.

Highlights of the full-day training program include learning how to:

  • Implement a concrete, proven four-step coaching model that brings together all aspects of coaching, from planning to measurement to improved results.
  • Improve the ability to accurately evaluate the sales rep’s situation
  • Use data from the Selling Skills Assessment Tool to understand exactly what’s needed to drive performance
  • Understand the coaching process and developing essential coaching skills
  • Master the coaching skills in a learning lab that emphasizes practice, practice and more practice

Coaching for Sales Excellence teaches sales managers how to use the data from SSAT to achieve consistent, sustainable sales improvement.

Coaching for Sales Excellence – Course Agenda

  • Participant Objectives
  • SSAT Results
  • Management Challenges
  • Management Interventions
  • Coaching in Action
  • 4E Coaching Process
  • Effective Communication
  • Commitment beyond excuses
  • Barriers and roadblocks
  • Coaching Learning Lab

As the final “deliverable”, each participant will develop a personal action plan – a tactical roadmap for how he/she will use the coaching training to improve individual and team performance.