Resilience Series Workshop

Leading in Crisis

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Confidently lead through the crisis and beat the odds.

Leading in Crisis addresses two of the most critical parts of a business during a downturn: strategy and workforce. In 2020, we’re experiencing an unprecedented event. Re-aligning business priorities, workforce, or both is an acute reality for many and the stakes are high. Powerful emotions are at play when your leadership is needed most. But where do you start?

Through this virtual workshop, you’ll learn a framework for building your way back to stability and gain access to objective data so you can confidently address critical business decisions fast.  You’ll come away from this session ready to align your business strategy with your available workforce by identifying priorities, sources of misalignment, knowing your strengths and unfreezing your workforce.

This workshop is ideal for teams that:

  • Have had to pivot strategy as a result of market conditions, mergers and acquisitions, disruption, or other significant forces
  • Have had to recently rightsize or reconfigure their workforce
  • Are struggling to gain alignment on key business priorities

About this session:

  • Session Length: 90 minutes
  • Session Format: Virtual only
  • Ideal Group Size: Up to 6-10 team members
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Reorganize priorities according to new business conditions.

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