What are The Predictive Index® Assessments?

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The Predictive Index® Assessment Suite

The Predictive Index® Assessment Suite, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, includes, The Predictive Index Job Assessment™, The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ and The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment. Using these assessments in combination can bring powerful predictability to the performance of your candidates in the role.

The Predictive Index® Software

The Predictive Index® Software allows you to simultaneously send assessments to determine a candidates’ level of general cognitive agility as well as their workplace behaviour style.  As the assessment results filter in, the software will automatically compare your candidates to the role and rank them based on their fit.

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How Does it Work?


Use the Predictive Index Job Assessment to identify the Cognitive and Behavioural requirements of the role.  The Job Report provides guidance to set you on the right track to identify the key responsibilities and competencies of the role.


Using the resulting behavioural and cognitive benchmarks for your role determine what terminology you can use to attract the best candidates for the role.


After assessing your candidates using The Predictive Index Behavioural and Cognitive Assessments compare their results to your benchmarks and identify their strength and caution areas.  Use this information and The Predictive Index Interview Guide to inform a structured interview.


Once you have hired your star candidate it’s time to on-board! Use their Predictive Index Behavioural and Cognitive Assessment results to customize their on-boarding and make them feel at home in no time.

Inspire your people!

Our team provides top-notch knowledge transfer to ensure that you get the most out of the PI System®.

Predictive Index Professional Series Training will equip you with the tools to apply the Predictive Index System® across the employee life-cycle, from require to hire to inspire.  The training is delivered in modular format, allowing you to select the training that fits your team’s needs.

The new PI® Catalyst portal functions to connect with the Predictive Index community, allowing you to engage with other clients, participate in challenges, and continue your PI education.

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Predictive Success is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index®
The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of Predictive Index LLC and is used here with permission.