A Guide to the Predictive Index’s 17 Reference Profiles

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We all know that text messages are no replacement for meaningful face-to-face conversation. Regardless of your digital dexterity, certain facets are impossible to communicate through the flat and two-dimensional medium of text. In fact, UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian found that 58 percent of communication is through body language and 35 percent through vocal tone and pitch. If you’re keeping track, that leaves a mere 7 percent of a message can be effectively conveyed through the content of a message.

Thankfully, a modern breakthrough of technological innovation has attempted to solve that problem: the emoji. Across 212 countries and hundreds of millions of users, a 2017 survey found that emojis have been disseminated among texts billions of times. Last year, the heart emoji was used over 14 billion times on popular social media platform, Instagram. This widespread adoption of the emoji suggests that—where short bursts of text fall of communicating emotional nuances—emojis fill that void.

The Predictive Index System, as distributed by Predictive Success, has also made use of the emoji. By creating a unique emoji for each of the Predictive Index’s 17 unique reference profiles, users of the PI are able to better understand what each profile entails with a simple glance. This guide exists to provide a brief run-down of what each emoji means.

Analytical Profiles


Analyzers are detail-oriented and thorough workers. Before making a decision, they need to ensure they can gather all the relevant data. For an Analyzer, nothing is more daunting than the thought of making an uninformed decision—especially if they are wrong. To identify an Analyzer using PI emojis, look out for the magnifying glass.


The Controller is your go-to person when you need to a project to be in order. Controllers are self-disciplined and fast-paced. There’s never room for error in their work as they work hard to develop technical expertise and operate within established guidelines. The PI emoji for the controller can be easily recognized by its three linear dials.

Just as the name suggests, Venturers are characterized by people who explore. These workers exceed in environments that push established boundaries. Strong-willed and goal-oriented Venturers will stop at nothing to achieve their innovative objectives. A Venturer’s PI emoji consists of a sail-boat, making its way through the water.


If anyone is to go down the proverbial “rabbit-hole”, it’s the Specialist. Although they require time, Specialists are the most reliable workers when detail is of the utmost importance. While others shout and steal the spotlight, you can trust Specialists to diligently be reading the fine print in the background. They are great support workers, whose PI emoji can be identified by an upwards-shooting star.


Unlike the previous reference profiles, the Strategist is a big-picture character. Although naturally introspective and reserved, Strategists are always prepared with a plan and know how to direct an organization long-term. They are factual leaders and are always happy to make a decision. Look for a detailed-paper when identifying the Strategist PI emoji.

Social Profiles


Humble and supportive, Altruists are precise and helpful colleagues. These extraverted workers are great teammates that remain level-headed even when things get heated, making them great diffusers of conflict. Altruists are detail-oriented and unafraid to delegate tasks. They usually follow-up strongly on task delegations. The Altruist PI emoji is symbolized by a shining candle.


Any group in need of an unwavering leader should look for a Captain. These individuals are independent and strong-willed, willing to accept any challenge and constantly raising the bar for their organizations. Captains work well under pressure and command stressful situations with an air of confidence and authority. Look for the ship’s wheel when trying to recognize the Captain PI emoji.


Often cooperative, empathetic, and patient, Collaborators are important teammates to enlist. These workers approach tasks with an open mind and are unafraid to consult multiple opinions before making a decision. They are unlikely to incite conflict and take steps to ensure everyone agrees before moving forward. A pair of shaking hands adorn this PI emoji.


These workers often assume leadership positions. Mavericks are visionaries with high aspirations and incredible tolerance for risk. They are able to leverage their personality traits to connect with people and their values, thus improving their abilities to make their dreams a reality. Confident and fast-paced, Mavericks come into projects expecting to impact the status quo. A Maverick’s PI emoji consists of a supersonic aircraft, shooting its way through the air.


Promoters are the kinds of workers that you want on the front lines. Extraverted and charismatic, these workers are hard not to like. They are fluent conversationalists that ask questions and listen intensely to everything you have to say. Promoters think “outside the box” and will empower others in pursuit of their goals. The PI emoji of these supportive workers can be identified by a blaring megaphone.


Charming and well-spoken, Persuaders won’t take no for an answer. These outspoken workers know how to work a room and motivate a team. By mobilizing groups and teams, Persuaders possess the ability to rally workers toward a single, unified goal. Characteristically, the Persuader PI emoji boasts a shining microphone as its symbol.

Stabilizing Profiles


The ultimate generalist, Adapters are fluid team members that can take on many kinds of roles. They are motivated by a fairly balanced mix of Behavioural Drives, which can make them hard to read at times. These versatile workers can transform their working styles to meet the needs of the team. The Adapter PI emoji can be recognized by the animated chameleon.


Just as a house needs a strong foundation, every team needs a strong backbone. An Artisan can fill that need. They listen more than they speak and are diligent, deliberate, and reliable in their work. Accordingly, the Artisan PI emoji is represented by tools.


Guardians are formal workers that bring structure and precision into the workplace. These workers are conservative in nature, often reluctant to make risky decisions. Guardians are approachable and reliable when it comes to ensuring the durability of day-to-day operations. Often perfectionists who are steady and dependable, this reference profile’s PI emoji is symbolized by a beaming lighthouse.


These workers are like the gears of a well-oiled machine. They are reliable and relaxed individuals who are informal in their work, but rarely drop the ball. Operators are cooperative and patient, with the ability to remain calm in nearly any circumstance. This profile’s PI emoji is characterized by spinning gears.

Persistent Profiles


Confident, analytical, and persistent, Individualists are strong-minded people who approach challenges with confidence. These workers are driven by a need to solve problems, constantly moving the organization forward. Expect these workers to present unconventional ideas with characteristically strong conviction. An Individualist’s PI emoji consists of a wise owl, quietly staring off into the night.


Scholars are reserved yet knowledgeable workers. These people are driven by a need for mastery in their areas of specialization. These workers value stability and consistency. Although they are solitary by nature, when you enter their space of expertise they are informative and authoritative. The Scholar PI emoji can be recognized by an open book.

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