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Winter/Spring 2022


Join Dorothy & Veronica as they spotlight the DEI journey.

Dr. Dorothy Nyambi is the President and CEO of MEDA. Dorothy leads MEDA’s global corporate strategy and implementation. Dorothy’s 25+ years career in the international and entrepreneurial sectors is informed by her unique life experiences working on the ground in developing countries (long-term development and humanitarian), with a lifelong focus to ensure women and girls are not left behind. Passionate about gender equality and inclusion, Dorothy has been a leader and founding member of Gender Summit Africa (Cape Town 2015 and Kigali 2018); member of AWID for the past 15 years; board director, Kigali Collaborative Research Centre (KCRC) – Carnegie Mellon University; member of the Board Room Africa focused on mentoring and getting young African women into governance roles across the continent though selection, training and mentoring.

Veronica is a seasoned talent management professional who is a specialist in Diversity and Inclusions. Her clients rave about how Veronica is able to instill others to change their behaviours towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Veronica is a former VP HR for UNICEF Canada where she led a team to dramatic success creating a diverse and inclusive workplace way ahead of her time. Veronica is also a former Professor at Seneca College where she taught Human Resources for several years to emerging leaders. Veronica is known to be a challenger of the status quo, with an ability to influence and create practices that are people-centric—to ultimately foster and celebrate diverse and inclusive workplaces.

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The franchising business model is alive and well despite the challenges presented over the past two years.

This session will be a gold mine for anyone starting a franchise looking for growth strategies, folks who have established businesses but are interested in fast-tracking their expansion, and sectors who may have been particularly hard hit in the current climate and are seeking advice on recovery and resilience.

Join special guest Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova as he tells us his story of working his way up in his family business and becoming a household name.

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