The Life of a Maverick

By Josiah Ali  |  

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The Maverick is one of seventeen Predictive Index® reference profiles as delivered by Founding Partner Predictive Success, and falls into the social category.

Mavericks are individuals driven by a visionary spirit, constantly seeking to attain unprecedented feats. They harbor a disdain for the conventional and actively seek to disrupt existing paradigms. Mavericks are characterized by their unwavering commitment to innovation, capacity to inspire others, audacious nature, and straightforward approach. Remarkably, they possess an exceptional capacity to embrace risk, capable of venturing into unknown territories with unusual tolerance.

An Innovative Spirit
A Maverick’s innovative spirit is a highly valuable asset in management for several compelling reasons.

  • Their unwavering desire to accomplish unprecedented feats propels them to continually explore novel ideas, strategies, and approaches. By doing so, they can maintain a competitive edge and swiftly adapt to evolving market conditions, ensuring the organization remains at the forefront of its industry.
  • Mavericks possess a natural inclination to challenge the status quo, relentlessly questioning established norms and practices. This critical mindset empowers them to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement within the organization’s processes. Consequently, productivity is enhanced, and superior outcomes are achieved as Mavericks revolutionize existing practices, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Moreover, Mavericks’ influential nature enables them to inspire and motivate their teams effectively. Their unwavering passion for innovation and exceptional communication skills enable them to unite employees around a shared purpose. This cultivates a work environment that nurtures creativity, encourages risk-taking, and emphasizes continuous growth. Ultimately, employee engagement, collaboration, and problem-solving capabilities are heightened, fostering a dynamic and high-performing workforce.
  • Furthermore, Mavericks exhibit a daring disposition that encourages calculated risk-taking. They willingly venture into unexplored territories, experiment with new ideas, and embrace uncertainty. This willingness to take chances opens doors to breakthrough innovations and strategic advancements and establishes a culture where mistakes are seen as invaluable learning opportunities. Such an environment encourages experimentation and resilience, enabling the organization to adapt and thrive.
  • Lastly, Mavericks’ direct and straightforward approach to communication plays a pivotal role in efficient decision-making and providing clear direction. Unafraid to challenge ideas, engage in constructive debates, and make tough decisions, they foster transparency and clarity of vision. This, in turn, ensures effective alignment and execution of strategies, enabling the organization to continuously evolve and adapt, steadily progressing towards its goals.

In summary, a Maverick’s innovative spirit brings forth fresh perspectives, fuels ongoing improvement, fosters employee engagement, promotes calculated risk-taking, and facilitates decisive leadership. These invaluable qualities position them as indispensable assets in management, enabling organizations to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with agility, competitiveness, and adaptability.


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