Leadership Development

The right strategy for hiring and developing leaders has a trickledown effect on the rest of your company. Developing leaders whose behaviours will support your business strategy means more revenue, less turnover, and more market share.

Each year, your company develops a strategy for the year ahead. Once that’s decided on, it’s up to your leaders to carry out that strategy. Developing leaders to fit this strategy is crucial to the success.

Working on an aggressive sales campaign for the year ahead? How do you know your leaders have the DNA and behavioural profile to match this fast-moving strategy? Working on rebuilding your public relations? Who is the detail-oriented leader who will see the small parts that make the big difference?

We use a mixture of AI-backed scientific assessments, and years of experience in management consulting to put together a leadership hiring and developing strategy to support your business strategy.

Bring your business strategy to life with the support of the right talent.

Make Decisions Backed by Data

Our consultants leverage a variety to resources, inlcuding a behavioural assessment, 360 assessment and emotional intelligence assessments to evaluate leadership capabilities and identify coaching opportunities.

Leadership Performance Index®

The Leadership Performance Index® (LPI) is an online feedback system that combines a self-evaluation with perspectives from direct managers and direct reports to evaluate performance as a leader. The individual that undertakes the survey is provided with a personal report that can easily be translated into actions.

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EQi 2.0

The EQ-i 2.0 is a psychometric assessment which measures emotional intelligence (EI) and how it can impact people and the workplace. Being the first scientifically validated measure of EI, coupled with research from premier organizations, means you can count on the EQ-i 2.0 to add robustness and accuracy to your talent management initiatives. An emotional intelligence measurement allows you to determine how an individual will socially interact, and cope with challenges in your organization.

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The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™

The PI Behavioural Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs. For more than 60 years, thousands of businesses around the globe have used our EFPA-certified behavioral assessment to understand what makes their employees and candidates tick.

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