Influencing for Results

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Learn to Influence the People That Matter

The best influencers know and understand the power to captivate and compel is central to success at all levels of your business.

Without influence, inspired plans get ignored, valuable relationships break down and your impact within an organization is dampened.

Perhaps most important however is that the influence process and science behind it can be learned.


The Influencing for Results system provides individuals with the ability to identify specific influencing skills that any individual can benefit from.

The system comprises two core components:

  • The Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™ (ISAT)
  • Influencing for Results Workshop

What is the Influencing for Results Workshop?

The Influencing for Results Workshop is a 1-day instructor-led influencing skills course that trains you and your teams to build trust and credibility with any type of person and to influence others effectively to get the results you need.

The workshop addresses the competencies identified as lacking by the Influence Skills Assessment Tool™ and benchmarks your current influencing competencies. It gives you a useful “roadmap” to pinpoint the most critical areas of improvement in your skill-set.

Supplementing these skills in such a targeted way maximizes the candidate’s influence, giving them the practical know-how needed to build consensus, motivate commitment and change, and deliver performance throughout the organization.

Influencing for Results Factsheet