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“And because we have the right people in the right roles, it is having a positive impact on customer service and customer return visits. The Predictive Index® pays for itself.” “Since implementing The Predictive Index System® our turnover has reduced from 70% to as low as 32%, saving over $15,000 a year in training costs alone.”

-Harold Jackson, Multi-Unit SUBWAY Franchisee Owner

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Canadian DatesLocation
December 3-4Calgary, AB
December 9-10Moncton, NB
December 10-11Montreal, QC (FR)
December 10-11Ottawa, ON
December 10-11Toronto West, ON
December 17-18Halifax, NS
December 19-20Vancouver, BC
January 14-15Saint John, NB
January 21-22Toronto West(Etobicoke), ON
January 21-22Montreal, QC(French)
February 12-13Fredericton, NB
February 25-26Whitby, ON
March 3-4Halifax, NS
March 10-11Calgary, AB
March 10-11Moncton, NB
March 17-18Toronto West(Etobicoke), ON
March 17-18Montreal, QC(FR)
April 21-22Montreal, QC(FR)
May 5-6Saskatoon, SK
May 5-6Ottawa, ON
May 12-13Saint John, NB
May 26-27Whitby, ON
June 2-3Halifax, NS
June 9-10Moncton, NB
June 9-10Calgary, AB
June 16-17Montreal, QC(FR)
June 23-24Toronto West(Etobicoke), ON
June 23-24Vancouver, BC
Managing People to PerformLocation
December 3Calgary, AB
December 10Montreal, QC (FR)
December 10Ottawa, ON
December 10Moncton, NB
December 10Toronto West, ON
December 17Halifax, NS
December 19Vancouver, BC
January 14Saint John, NB
January 21Toronto West(Etobicoke), ON
February 12Fredericton, NB
February 25Whitby, ON
March 3Halifax, NS
March 10Calgary, AB
March 10Moncton, NB
March 17Toronto West(Etobicoke), ON
March 17Montreal, QC(FR)
April 21Montreal, QC(FR)
May 5Saskatoon, SK
May 5Ottawa, ON
May 26Whitby, ON
June 2Halifax, NS
June 9Moncton, NB
June 9Calgary, AB
June 16Montreal, QC(FR)
June 23Toronto West(Etobicoke), ON
June 23Vancouver, BC
March 6, 2020Toronto, ON
Becoming a PI PractitionerLocation
December 10-11Westwood, MA
February 13-14Maine, USA
March 3-4Westwood, MA
April 7-8Westwood, MA
May 5-6Westwood, MA
June 16-17Westwood, MA
July 7-8Westwood, MA
August 4-5Westwood, MA
September 15-16Westwood, MA
October 6-7Westwood, MA
November 3-4Westwood, MA
December 1-2Westwood, MA


PI Professional Series Workshop

Workshop2019 Price/Person (CAD)
What Drives People (1/2 Day)Contact Us
Managing People to Perform (1 Day)1,350 + HST/person
Attracting & Selecting Top Performers (1 Day)1,250 + HST/person
Becoming a PI Practitioner (2 Day)2,450 CAD + HST/person
Customer Focused Selling (Closed, One-day 30 or fewer reps)7,000 CAD + HST
Customer Focused Selling (Closed, One-day over 30 reps)7,810 CAD + HST
Customer Focused Selling (Open, One-day)750 CAD + HST/person
Customer Focused Selling (Closed, Two-day, 30 or fewer reps)14,000 CAD + HST
Customer Focused Selling (Closed, Two-day, over 30 reps)16,000 CAD + HST
Customer Focused Selling (Open, Two-day)1,310 CAD + HST/person
Customer Focused Selling (Open, Half-day learning lab)4,500 CAD + HST

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Predictive Success can make accommodations to fit a variety of needs for our training sessions, and we make it a priority to accommodate individuals of all abilities at all of our training facilities. However, we need advanced notice in order to implement them for our training programs. If you require assistance or any form of accommodation please let us know 48 hours in advance how we can best assist you. Please email or in order to facilitate this.

Predictive Success is a Certified PI Partner of The Predictive Index™
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