The Trusted Talent Acquisition Advisor for Hiring Strategies

A poor hiring decision can impact an organization’s bottom line significantly. Our system allows you to develop strategies to ensure the right people are being placed into the right roles and that onboarding is done with a customized people-smart decision making process in mind. Our tools take the guesswork out of the selection process by:

  • Defining behavioural requirements of a role
  • Targeting ideal candidates
  • Identifying natural behavioural drives of candidates
  • Conducting fit/gap analyses


Head. Heart. Briefcase.

Hire the whole person to attract top talent and ensure a job and cultural fit. You need to look at the head, the heart and the briefcase.  Workplace analytics gives employers the advantage of being able to look at data to find out if they have the right drive, the right temperament and learning ability to do the job.


The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ from Certified Partner Predictive Success takes approximately 6 minutes to complete. It uses an algorithm to analyze potential employees based on parameters such as dominance, extraversion, patience and formality. The system removes the human biases that even the most seasoned human resource recruiters usually possess.


  • New release makes it easier than ever to hire smart;
  • set Behavioural and Cognitive Targets;
  • identify candidates who are great matches;
  • prioritize recruitment efforts;
  • manage, sort, filter and favourite candidates in the recruitment process.


<span-style=”font-size: 18px;”>The PI Cognitive Assessment™ delivered by Certified Partner, Predictive Success identifies candidates with a high potential for successful on-the-job performance by measuring their cognitive agility. The PI Cognitive Assessment™ is an essential component of any recruitment process and is an indicator of trainability for positions at all levels of an organization. Available in 70+ languages, it assists in accelerating onboarding and an employee’s capacity to handle complex business situations.

“From a metrics perspective, there is 100%  usage of the Predictive Index™, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, when it comes to recruiting. It doesn’t happen without it.”
Jessica Phinn, VP People & Engagement, Nelson Education
“This is a model that you want in your organization. It will give you the level of comfort that your HR teams are operating with a strong level of discipline in the hiring of your people, the training of your people, succession planning, and many more. You want Predictive Index™, from Certified Partner Predictive Success, in your organization, and I can assure you it will drive greater results for your teams.”
Todd Finlayson, Owner/Operator, Finlayson Hospitality Partners Inc.
“Predictive Index™, delivered by Certified Partner Predictive Success, is a time saver that creates an expedient way to get to the right person as soon as you can.”
Brent Winterton, VP Human Resources & Quality Assurance, Chudleigh's Ltd.