Identify the best production employees
and improve performance

Attract more skilled workers.

In the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, quality is key. Having the right people in the right roles can improve employee satisfaction, performance ratings, and retention.  With the competitive market for top pharamacare and cannabis production, the ability to attract new talent is essential. Workforce analytics can help you attract the best candidates and retain your top talent.

Find the right fit for your company.

We know your culture is important to you. The Predictive Index Job Assessment is completed by people within your organization to determine a behavioural benchmark that fits with the role and your organization.

 “The Inside Sales Department, which uses the PI Behavioral Assessment
more than any other department has significantly less turnover than other departments and I credit much of
this to the department’s use of the Behavioral Assessment.

The Inside Sales Department’s turnover in 2015 was
only 5% of the total company turnover. This turnover was mostly attributed to people being promoted within the
company to other departments. This just further shows that these employees were great hires and have been able
to develop and grow at IWP.”

– Robin Lucier, Director of Human Resources, Injured Workers Pharmaceutical

Don’t fall for the mask, get to know your candidate before the interview.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment and Cognitive Assessment are short and easy to administer. The results will reveal your candidate’s natural behavioural tendencies and ability to learn new things quickly. 

In combination with The Predictive Index Job Assessment, The PI Behavioural Assessment and Cognitive Assessment will provide you with a full picture of your candidate’s strengths and caution areas.

Time to interview? Go prepared.

Informed by your candidate’s fit to the benchmark, the Predictive Index Interview Guides give structure to your interview, helping you uncover more about your candidate’s workplace behaviour.   

Asking structured interview questions early will help you identify key-traits of your candidates like their ability to cooperate with others, their capacity to complete detailed tasks and their patience.  


Who is the IDEAL Pharmaceutical Production Employee?

A global Cannabis retailer wanted to understand what Predictive Index Behavioural Factors contribute to their production employees’ job performance.  Their goal was to use this information to improve the hiring process and identify development opportunities.  

The study uncovered that production employees who were cooperative, task-oriented, steady and precise are more likely to have better job performance ratings.