2018 is the Year of Hiring Analytics

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Thought leaders across all industries have come to a common conclusion for Human Resources trends in 2018: this will be the year of creating a better workplace. In 2017, many organizations had a similar common goal; however, they focused heavily on specific issues such as workplace engagement, culture, and job performance. In 2018, the goal of creating a better workplace is anticipated by many business leaders as an opportunity to leverage technology. This opens the door to many technology-based HR trends, such as hiring analytics, and places behavioural and cognitive tests like the Predictive Index® in higher demand now more than ever.

Integration of People Analytics

A highly anticipated HR trend for 2018 is the incorporation of people analytics in organization structures. Predictive SuccessAccording to Forbes, the demand for HR analytics will reach a tipping point such that companies will start to dedicate entire functions to the data collection and analysis of their human capital. In order to commit to this, organizations will need to leverage technology and “be digital”. In order to find and analyze the pulse on their organization, companies should use the Engagement Index. In addition, organizations can use the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ to gather data on the motivations and drives of their employee base right from the recruiting process.

Improving the Recruitment Process

To find the best talent, companies are looking to improve their recruitment processes in 2018. Forbes predicts that blind hiring will be a trend that becomes more prominent. By removing the bias that is associated with candidate information such as gender, age, race, and alma mater, recruitment teams can focus on the abilities that a candidate demonstrates through their behavioural assessment, cognitive assessment, and interview results. In addition to this trend, Forbes also anticipates organizations to adopt “future-proofing”. By fully analyzing the behavioural drives of employees and candidates, organizations will be able to find employees who will remain with the company in the long-term. Paramount to future proofing is predictive analytics such as the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™. This assessment will allow recruitment teams to find talent that will embrace the soft side of any job in any industry.

Are you ready to embrace 2018’s HR trends and leverage The Predictive Index ®?


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